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Who is andy bell dating

He signed a worldwide solo recording contract with Sanctuary Records, and announced details of his debut album, which was released on 3 October 2005 and entitled Electric Blue.

The album featured fourteen tracks, including three duets, with Claudia Brücken of Propaganda and Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters.

"Being HIV-positive does not mean that you have AIDS," Bell wrote on Erasure Less than a month after Bell's declaration made him one of the world's highest-profile musicians ever to make such an announcement, the pop star, who turns 41 in April, was surprisingly candid in an interview with about why he hid his HIV infection since 1998, when he tested positive following a bout of pneumonia; what led him to finally talk openly about his life with HIV; his plans to promote AIDS awareness; and "shockingly to many people" how he might have actually sought out HIV infection after his partner tested positive.

"My life expectancy should be the same as anyone else's, so there's no need to panic." Bell further noted that he planned to continue his music career with Erasure and that he was looking forward to the duo's world tour, which began in late February and will make stops in 10 U. But Bell is showing that he has since gotten a handle on life since his diagnosis.

As he finished off writing to his fans in his Web announcement: "There is still so much hysteria and ignorance surrounding HIV and AIDS.

Let's just get on with life— i.e., making music, doing a live tour, and generally having a good time.

The pair have sold over 25 million albums worldwide.

Bell has also donated time and made recordings for charities.

In 2004, he publicly announced that he is HIV-positive.

I must admit, I felt I was intruding on the family when I first saw them together, as they have such a great connection.

Like other people, I was a little bit anxious about Dobermans as they have such a bad reputation.

In the waning days before Christmas 2004, Andy Bell, front man for the hugely successful techno-pop duo Erasure, decided he had finally had enough after hiding a secret for six years.

After a tentative discussion with some European journalists, Bell boldly revealed in an announcement on Erasure's Web site that both he and his boyfriend of 20 years, Paul Hickey, are HIV-positive.

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But Bell, had just come out as HIV-positive, something he had waited six years to do.