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For the past three years, I’ve been proud to call myself a “runner.” At first, I used the word pretty loosely, and I felt kind of like a fraud.Now, with two half-marathons under my belt and a third right around the corner, I feel way more confident in saying I’m a part of the club.The Hall of Presidents is a 20-minute long attraction that showcases all of our past presidents, along with the current commander in chief. ” So now, color us all surprised when it was announced that Disney not only planned to add in our current POTUS, but yes, he’s going to be allowed to make a speech.Since the ’90s, the current president has always given some sort of short and sweet speech toward the end of the show, basically saying inspiring things like, “Let’s all work together and American is great! Earlier this year, word got out that Disney was seriously considering letting POTUS talk during the family-friendly show, but according to a recent statement from Disney World, they are really putting words in his mouth. Soon, you’ll be able to go to Magic Kingdom and sit in air conditioning for 20 minutes and hear what is sure to be a rousing statement from the man currently sitting in our country’s highest office.But while I do run and train, I don’t always look forward to it. Those graphic t-shirts that declare “Will Run for Pizza,” basically sum up everything I stand for.In fact, sometimes getting myself laced up to go for a run (especially when the temperature is anything different than a perfect 70 degrees) is a huge struggle. I don’t really feel it until a few miles in, sometimes not until after I’m done logging my miles and showering. And recently I learned that Rihanna shares the same diet-fitness philosophy too. But I pay attention to the nutrients I’m eating and how balanced my diet is.Våpenet utnytter elektromagnetisk energi til å skyte ut prosjektiler på ti kg i en hastighet som overstiger Mach 7.Våpenet kan treffe mål på 160 kilometers avstand og er kraftig nok til å penetrere tre betongvegger eller seks stålplater på 1,3 centimeter hver.

So while he will speak, he’s not going to speak yet.READ MORE: What Should I Eat Before Running a Half-Marathon? How do I actually make a 3, 4, or 11 mile run happen? When I’m training for a race and running 10 miles, it’s not to lose weight—it’s to increase endurance and become stronger.Which means that after I burn those 1,000 calories, I can happily treat myself to whatever carby, starchy goodness I want. And to be honest, a burger never tastes better than when you’re ravenous. READ MORE: 8 Signs You’re Running Wrong Of course, there are more serious factors encouraging me to get my sweat on regularly: fending off disease, extending my life, keeping my body functioning like a well-oiled machine.1, posting several cute photobooth shots featuring Conrad and her new husband William Tell on Instagram. A little longer in the tooth but still just the right amount of crazy,” he captioned the photo.PHOTOS: Hills stars then and now Fashion designer and best-selling author Conrad sported goofy, oversized sunglasses while star Colletti appeared to be wearing knight’s armor.

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Våpentypen heter "railgun" fordi prosjektilet avfyres langs to skinner.

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