Videp chat to black women online

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Videp chat to black women online

Their solution lay in making it a niche site and marketing it to black millennials, who were unsatisfied with more general dating apps that weren’t meeting their expectations (Tinder, Match).“Niche dating apps can be more successful than regular mainstream apps because you have the ability to attract people with similar interests and possibility with the same cultural foundations,” says Neeta Bhushan, a dating expert and author of .

“When narrowing the dating pool, it may help people find long-term success and create deeper connections.”Bae (named not just for the term of endearment but also for Before Anyone Else) received 17,000 downloads in its first month and grew from there.

And they are more likely to have searched for religious or spiritual information.

The Internet helps, especially on health and hobbies More than online whites, online African-Americans are likely to say that the Internet helps them get health care information and pursue their hobbies.

The Bae name is being retired and its users will be streamlined into Tagged and its global dating pool.

Theoretically, the online world offers greater odds of finding a partner than does a chance meeting at a party.

Being online is like going to a party without encountering all the people who trap you in boring conversations.

Online African-Americans are proportionally more likely than online whites to have searched for information about major life issues such as researching new jobs and finding places to live.

They are also more likely to have sought entertainment online through music, video and audio clips, and instant messaging.

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