Urijah faber dating

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Urijah faber dating

Here is what Paige revealed about her conditions on taking another fight. I’m not going to rush myself or put myself in a bad position.But I’m a fighter first, so I’ll be ready to get back in the cage.”, but she is still training for whatever her next fight might be, when she isn’t training for the show.

But whenever we experience a break of a few weeks between fights I wonder how we ever coped in the days of one event per month.

The thing is Paige has one condition for that happening.

Paige could be busy with the show until May, depending on how she does. I’d give myself plenty of time to finish the show and then go into a full fight camp.

Paige Van Zant is speaking out and sharing her thoughts on taking on another fight.

She won’t be doing one during the show and that is her focus now, but Paige would totally accept a fight while she was on the show.

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At this point the MMA community at large is beginning to look like the kind of fan who turns up to a Q&A in Vegas just to beg for approval from their favorite fighter by slagging off another.