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"Subconscious Training System" contains the technologies and research of the best of the best in the area of subconscious reprogramming.The system is designed to both teach you how to persuade others and to program you to immediately now use this information and make more sales. - Julia Roberts Dates used to be made days or even weeks in advance. That is, you get a phone call from someone who says, "If anyone asks, I was out to dinner with you last night, okay? It's being able to eat anything without getting fat. On the other hand, things being what they are today, most of us will settle for a guy who holds down a steady job and isn't carrying an infectious disease. O'Rourke There is nothing so awkward as courting a woman whilst she is making sausages. Kennedy, Jr., and even Robert De Niro was in there for a day. O'Rourke Dear men; Actually, our dream isn't finding the perfect guy. All we want is your basic millionaire/brain surgeon/criminal lawyer/ great dancer who pilots his own Lear Jet and owns oceanfront property. Many of the pages have been specifically designed to be "mind triggers" which will instantaneously remind you of the material so you can use them everyday as you dear hypnotic sales person, now become unstoppable.Pull out the pages of this workbook and place them in highly visible place near you work space and around you home to be most effective.At least I have temporarily brainwashed myself into thinking that. The technique that you are about to read in this report is so powerful it's insane. - CR James About Author: CR James is a former Engineering Specialist for the US Army best known for his "underground" seduction reports (). The overall objective is to get more out of life, right?

Leaving university to work in network marketing, he founded his own company -- a discount card -- which failed, and he wasted all his money.Using these "flash cards" will speed up the printing process considerably.This manual is text part of my "Subconscious Training System". either sex, however, may bring a little gift, its value to be determined by the bizarrness of the sexual request to be made later that evening. All I have to do is read the paper: I'm marrying Richard Gere, dating Daniel Day-Lewis, parading around with John F. - Stockard Channing Fidelity to the subject's thoug Any idiot would know women's needs are simple. O'Rourke What's nice about my dating life is that I don't have to leave my house.

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His father considered criticism to be the ultimate form of cleverness, while his mother was very anxious.

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