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Schmidt dating profile youtube

At the time, she was married to one of most favorite musicians who is best buddies with my most favorite actor, which made me generally insanely jealous of her. I like the unresolved tension between her and Nick, who despite being kind of perfect for one another, totally aren’t.

She has an acceptable and respectably solid #5 spot on my husband’s “list.” She might be the only one on his list (other than Mary Steenbergen – don’t ask) who doesn’t devolve us into a gigantic argument about that 45 year old woman from his work who kept bringing him mac and cheese!! It isn’t inevitable with them, they really are great friends, and I dig it.

But, Zooey was not enough to keep me watching this show.

Played expertly by Max Greenfield, you can't help but love the self-professed d-bag.

Salar Kamangar floats unnoticed through You Tube’s sprawling San Bruno, California, offices dressed in a navy blue hooded sweater and jeans, laptop cocked on his hip. “It’s Indian pole gymnastics,” which is exactly what it sounds like.

he might as well be just another anonymous, nomadic programmer rather than You Tube’s newly named CEO. With his eyes glued to the screen, he shows me vintage footage of bluegrass flatpicker Doc Watson; the fan-created prequel “The Hunt for Gollum,” which, he tells me, has been mistaken for a Peter Jackson flick; and Sal Khan, the young hedge-fund manager who ditched his career to become the most prolific math instructor on the web and whose audience, says Kamangar, surpasses those for recorded Stanford and MIT lectures.

The conventional wisdom has been to lampoon You Tube as “Google’s folly,” an earnings millstone that becomes more expensive to operate every time a new video is uploaded, a “Technicolor cataract of skateboarding dogs, lip-synching college students, political punditry, and porn,” as one writer on Henry Blodget’s Business Insider site characterized it in 2009.

He has OCD, therefore prefers to do all of the decorating, cooking, and cleaning to his standards.

He is also very narcissistic about his appearance; he keeps a binder of photos modeling his own suits and owns a vast collection of hair product.

“As quickly as Google Video was going, we realized it wasn’t that likely to catch up with You Tube,” he says.

He felt that while Google Video obsessed over comprehensiveness, You Tube’s founders made the smarter bet of cultivating its vibrant community.

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His face appears to be a grotesque exaggeration of Brandt's own appearance.

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