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When you’re surrounded by used tissues and well meaning friends stuffing your face with double chocolate chunk ice cream post-break-up, you probably want to swear off the opposite sex altogether.

Never again will you let someone rip out your heart and smash it into a million pieces.

"Everyone was looking at me, and then Paul the director was like, 'it's your line'.

"I actually had a whole page of dialogue and I hadn't read it.

"So I rocked up thinking I was in the background of the scene.

"Drew (Brendan Fehr) and Shannon (Tanaya Beatty) treat a gravely injured foster mom and while Drew bonds with the scared young foster daughter, the team discovers the mother has a secret." "Meanwhile, Jordan and Scott (Scott Wolf) treat a patient with a rare condition and when an important piece of equipment needed for his treatment fails, Jordan must enlist the help of TC's new girlfriend Jessica (guest star Anna Lynne Mc Cord, "Secrets and Lies") whose company makes the machine." Viewers can expect to meet Jessica as early as episode 5, which is titled "Get Busy 'Living." Next time on , San Antonio will erupt into violence in "Three, Two, One." As the city waits for a verdict in a racially motivated shooting, the staff will clash just as easily as the protestors on the street.

Her marriage to fellow Latino Marc Anthony after these relationships gave the couple two beautiful children before their divorce in 2012.

After a tumultuous relationship history some would be jaded, but we’re happy to say Lopez still believes in love!

This superstar has been dating the much younger Casper Smart for the past two years, and there’s no telling yet just where that might lead!

actress Alexa Vega married her first husband Sean Covel when she was practically a kid herself at the tender age of 22.

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(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP -- "DYNASTY") JOAN COLLINS, ACTRESS: No. Michael Nader is the actor who played Count Dimitri Marick on ABC's daytime drama "All My Children" and is now suing that network for $32 million in connection with the network's treatment of him in the after math of a drug bust in 2001. And we thank Michael Nader for coming to LARRY KING LIVE. KING: There was a DUI arrest, though, wasn't there? I think it's sort of like in any 12-step program it's called "the ism." Then it becomes a drug of choice.

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