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High schools mandating community service for graduation

"It helps you get into the community," said Galaz, a senior from University Place, after testifying on the bill introduced by Rep. "It helps you open up your mind on what you want to do in life." Bergquist was inspired to introduce his bill by his own community activities as a teen.

Hannah Russ acknowledged that many students might not be enthusiastic about community service, but she added: "By getting involved, you'll have a change of heart." At least 20 Washington school districts currently require students to perform 10 to 100 hours of community service in order to graduate.

Since 1999, mandatory volunteer service has been a requirement for Ontario high school students to graduate.

The concept has received a lot of attention (and backlash) in the US, and while there has been some discussion and controversy in Canada, it hasn’t been felt at quite the same level.

She lumps high school hours in with community service orders and other court-mandated sentencing requirements.

The fear among those in the charity business is that forcing kids to volunteer in high school might turn them off the concept for the rest of their lives.”Research at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont., reveals no negative impacts from forcing students to provide a week of free work for worthy causes.

As a result, many teens are finding unique and engaging ways to become involved in their local areas.

Schools implementing this volunteer mandate are confident that students will benefit for both the short and long term.As the Daily News reports, Bloomberg is set to require all public school principals in the city to provide students with community service opportunities and venues.With approximately 1.1 million children in New York’s public schools, many community members believe that this step can be a force of incredible change for the city.“Making it mandatory doesn’t undermine any of the positive aspects of the program,” says politics professor Steven Brown.“It doesn’t poison the well.”I started volunteering for Elmira’s Robin in the Hood festival by helping children with special needs experience the medieval festival in all its knightly glory.

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As students volunteer, they are exposed to different cultures, social settings, personal backgrounds, and new experiences.

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