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Rick, Morty and Summer stumble on a hive mind named Unity that Rick used to date.Summer objects to Unity's control over an alien planet's population.Elsewhere on the planet, Unity and Rick waste no time rekindling their relationship rather extravagantly.Not long after, a neighboring hive mind called Beta-Seven arrives on a routine trading mission.Our database contains millions of singles from around the world, ensuring that the success rate of our users remains close to 100%.

Despite being treated well by Unity, Summer protests the loss of the original population's individuality, but, as Unity controls every mind on the planet, her attempts to "free" the inhabitants do not go very far.

That’s why we guarantee that your personal information is secure whether you’re looking for a monogamous relationship or no strings attached sex.

Why would you spend your hard earned cash trolling local bars when 1 in 4 people in the US met online in 2011?

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And that's what Erotic Search helps you do: whether you're looking for a specific body type or you want to find someone who shares a common fantasy, Erotic Search is the only website that finds you exactly who you want, when you want them.

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