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Doodledating com

Our venue, the awesome Doodle Bar is open from 6pm - 11pm and is laying on an optional meal deal ticket for us.

£20 gets your crayons, a veggie/beef burger and a beer or glass of wine.

The online and television media showed “clear and consistent bias” against Jeremy Corbyn at the start of the Labour leadership coup, according to new research, which also accuses the BBC of giving twice as much airtime to Corbyn’s critics than to his supporters on some programmes during the crisis.

The exclusive study from The Media Reform Coalition and Birkbeck, University of London, analysed TV and online news during the 10 days after the wave of resignations from Corbyn’s shadow cabinet following the Brexit vote in late June.

If they can’t think of anything to say they can doodle whatever they wish, taking it in turns to draw.

Co-founder Madi Meadows, 28, says: “Many Doodledaters have told us that being able to doodle has acted as a great ice-breaker.

The big noise at the moment on this front is "Works with Nest", the system devised by Google's Nest that lets other sorts of devices be controlled using its own brand of commands.

Felt closer to everyone in the group after an hour of collective creation. I loved that the lines I wrote ended up being voted to be used in the song, the music making was so great and unique, I didn't think I could play a rhytyhm but the animations on the screen and instructions helped everyone keep in time.

Eight couples are dotted around the room, some sitting at tables while others relax on comfy leather sofas.

"Surely it's just a tiny phone that you strap to your wrist? Thing is, that's more or less what everyone said about tablets just four years ago. So what's going to nudge smartwatches over the tipping point and into wild success?

Here are the features hardware and software developers are working on right now that will soon be in the Apple Watch, Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Asus Zen Watch and the rest.

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