Doesnt deserve dating

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Doesnt deserve dating

But even if you found a guy who was cute and not know.You might not believe in astrology all that much, but you can't deny that you've read about your sign a few times and thought, "hmm, yeah that does sound like me! Trying to find a guy who is compatible with your zodiac sign is like trying to find a serious relationship on Tinder.Most of the time, the men you come across just want sex (or just want to share a dick pic with you) — or aren't looking for anything serious at all.

Perhaps, to family and friends, that may be the case.

There are four key reasons why these situations come about: You are a queen of projection.

You choose men that cater to your own negative self-fulfilling prophecy and are likely to leave you ‘crushing’ on them and then you project the feelings that you think you have on them and assume that because you think you feel a certain way about them, they should feel that way about you too.

The only person you have to break up with is you and your rather overactive imagination and feelings.

The issue here isn’t really about ‘him’ (or her), as he’s not really part of the equation when you’ve created an illusion rather than keeping your feet in the real world – the issue is about you and the fact that you don’t want to let go of your feelings, your obsession, your drama.

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Problems constantly build up over time, and at some point the inevitable happens.

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