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Current dating trends

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This is very interesting, since as the culture moves further to the political left, more and more Western countries and districts are actually the age of consent, because, according to all these left-wing over-33 women, 17 year-old women having voluntary sex with 25 year-old men (or older) is clearly evil and wrong and Must Be Stopped™.

Remember how we gazed in disbelief when we saw Paris Hilton carry her dog in her handbag?

I’m just noting the changes I’ve seen with men and women based on my own experiences and the men and women I’ve talked to over the last ten years or so. More Older Men, Younger Women Relationships This one is the result of other trends I’ll cover in a minute.

I am seeing way more older men, younger women relationships everywhere I look.

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Some of these trends will be obvious to the typical person, though many will not be.

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