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Honestly, I love the mythology and ideological aspects behind superheroes (empowerment, freedom, identity, etc) and everything they represent.I think there's a lot of great comic books out there that can very well be considered literature (Watchmen, for example, is the War & Peace of comics, in my opinion).

Peer 2 Peer - Networking for Geeks "Personals Website just for Geeks, featuring not only Romance Listings, but penpals and events as well.

Here are just a few real members who are on the service.

So what are you waiting for, the joining process takes no more than a minute, Plenty of Geeks is for you!

LFG Dating Looking for a serious video game dating site? Sign up and meet other video game lovers looking to meet online. Looking for THE place to meet nerdy singles who actually love science, science fiction, board games, comic books? If you are interested in the Nerd community, Nerd Dating Connexion is the site for you.

A quick look is all it takes to see that this site is high quality. It only takes minutes to create a free account, and then you are free to check out the singles who have also been drawn to this site.

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When asked why he felt the need to set up a dating site for geeks, his first response was “Obviously geeks are the sexiest species of human. So while the site does carry an irreverent tone, there is a serious service on offer underneath the l33t-speak and memes.

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