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In a series of graphic clips on Snapchat, fully dressed soldiers cheer as a group of naked lads carry out humiliating tasks.The video shows the stripped squaddies necking cups of faeces and urine; bare-knuckle fighting; and crawling naked on the floor.(Our sister site, Tom's Guide, put together a great primer on all of the VR headsets on the market right now: The Best VR Headsets) Imagine standing below decks in a boat on choppy seas.The entire cabin is moving, so your eyes tell you you're standing still. You go pale and reach for a trash basket to retch into.

One source involved in the sick party told the Daily Star Sunday it was all just “banter”.

I believe blind dates are still a great way to meet your future spouse.

Here are a few ways to help make your next blind date a great one.1. Keep An Open Mind If people set you up and you quickly refuse them all, be honest about your reasons. You’ve kept an open mind about online dating, so why not blind dating, too? Do Your Best To Relax One of the things that can ruin budding relationships quickly is being overly uptight. You don’t have to figure this out in the first three minutes (or even the first three dates).

Virtual reality, long the stuff of sci-fi movies and expensive, disappointing gaming systems, appears poised for a breakout.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent billion in 2014 to acquire Oculus VR and its Rift virtual-reality headsets.

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