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Hitask is task management software that removes the complexity from project management and puts you in control.With Hitask, you and your project team can quickly and easily set up new projects, assign and share tasks, share a centralized file library and calendar, send and receive notifications, and synchronize everything across all devices.When working on a design project, the design team may need to make dozens and sometimes hundreds of edits to a project before the client gives their final approval.

Starting with observations of birds in flight, then working on designing and making, they built their first glider, which they then tested in one of the wildest parts of the US.

Read more Businesses in the startup stage are in a constant state of change, and they need a project management software system that is both flexible and simple to use.

Hitask makes it easy for startup companies to manage projects by...

Although liquid water does still exist on or near the surface of the Red Planet, it's thought that Mars hasn't been habitable for about 3.3 billion years – around the time that the Gale Crater lake dried up for good.

But the Los Alamos findings suggest that the window for habitability could extend considerably later than that.

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The UK papers are covering what might seem at first glance to many to be a typical antiquarian-book auction, of an obscure and mistake-ridden mediaeval volume with an astronomical price tag due to its age, with contents of no intrinsic worth. “Little Britain - For Sale: World's First Printed Atlas", 7 Oct 06).